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The US small business market represents 99.7 percent of all employers in the private sector with 26.9 million small businesses nationwide. Underwritten via StarStone’s award-winning online U.S. broker portal, ESCAPE, StarStone’s eCommerce products provide the specialty coverage this segment demands at the pace wholesalers need.

“We listened to our team – many of whom are former brokers – when they told us there was a clear opportunity to enhance the quote-to-bind-to-issue process for producers serving the SME marketplace.”

Linc Trimble, Head of eCommerce

ESCAPE was launched in September 2010. Built using the latest breakthroughs in software and technology, ESCAPE is fast and easy-to-use, providing a cost-effective online system tailored for producers across specific lines of SME business.


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Linc Trimble
Executive Vice President,
Head of eCommerce, Head of U.S. Excess Casualty
+1 (201) 743 7751
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Kardiner Cadet
VP, eCommerce,
+1 (201) 743 7718
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Brian Blessing
VP, U.S. Head of Distribution
+1 (317) 804 2153
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Dan Dijak
Director of eCommerce
Product Development
+1 (201) 830 2564
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John Heenan
Director of eCommerce
Underwriting Services
+1 (201) 830 2573
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Alyssa Mock
Southeast Region
Senior eCommerce Business Development
+1 (201) 687 7529
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Aisha Coleman
Central and West Regions
eCommerce Business
+1 (312) 489 6583
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Adam Beans
Central and West Regions
eCommerce Business
+1 (312) 489 7570
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