StarStone makes every effort to deliver the highest quality products and to provide the best possible service. We understand that despite our commitment, on occasion, mistakes are made – we may fail to meet our own standards and the expectations of the customers using our services or otherwise coming into contact with StarStone, its managed syndicates and subsidiaries.

We take all complaints very seriously at StarStone. In the event you are unhappy with any aspect of your insurance or we make a mistake, we rely on your feedback to help improve our service and standards.

How we handle your complaint:

  1. In the first instance you can share your concerns with your insurance broker, intermediary or retail agent who will do their best to bring about an quick resolution.
  2. If you wish to make a complaint directly to StarStone you may do so in writing or orally at any time. You will find the Complaints Procedures for each of the StarStone insurance platforms on the left side of this page.
  3. Please refer to your policy documentation in order to find out which insurance firm your policy was issued by. If you require any help in finding this information, please contact either your insurance broker, intermediary or retail agent.
  4. To help your complaints to be fully investigated as quickly as possible, please provide the following information:
  • Policy number and/or claim reference number (if applicable)
  • Type of Insurance Product
  • Date of loss (if applicable)
  • Details of your concern/complaint
  • Details of who you purchased your insurance from/through
  • Who your complaint is against e.g. is it in respect of the broker or StarStone as the insurer?
  • Details of any previous correspondence or feedback on how you would like your complaint resolved



Please click on the appropriate link below for the local Complaints Procedure.

StarStone Insurance SE 

Former names: StarStone Insurance PLC, StarStone Insurance Limited; Torus Insurance (UK) Limited

StarStone Underwriting Limited 

May also be referred to as: Syndicate 1301 at Lloyd’s, Torus Syndicate 1301, Torus Underwriting Management Ltd on behalf of S1301 at Lloyd’s, Chaucer Syndicate 1301 and/or Chaucer Syndicates Services Ltd on behalf of S1301 at Lloyd’s, Broadgate and/or Broadgate Syndicate 1301; Shelbourne Syndicate Services Ltd on behalf of S2008 at Lloyd’s

StarStone Insurance Bermuda Limited

Formerly known as Torus Insurance (Bermuda) Limited