Property, Direct & Facultative

Written through Syndicate 1301 and StarStone Insurance Europe SE, StarStone’s Property Direct & Facultative Property account is underwritten worldwide to protect against property damage and associated business interruption perils.

The portfolio is predominantly made up of industrial and commercial classes of risk ranging from large commercial and industrial property risks across all industry segments to single territory exposure. We underwrite risks from low-hazard to severe-hazard occupancies, including single territory Real Estate to Fortune 500 businesses with global exposures.

StarStone is dedicated to finding a win-win solution for our customers. Our flexible approach enables each of our underwriters to address a variety of risks around the world. Flexible programme structures allow participation on either full value / quota share, primary or excess of loss basis.

All StarStone Property D&F underwriters have extensive knowledge across a wide range of industries and make use of sophisticated pricing and modelling tools to benefit the clients and provide the biggest picture view.



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