StarStone differentiates itself by claims service; it is deeply embedded within the StarStone brand.

At StarStone, our experienced and forward-thinking Claims professionals work to ensure you receive a quick and efficient claims service. But a fast financial settlement is just part of a much wider service platform that uses our experience of loss events to prevent future recurrence.

Our experienced claims professionals are decision makers; they deliver fast, hands-on claims adjustment services anywhere in the world through a single point of contact. Ensuring continuity of your operations, rapid and equitable settlement and consistency in the adjustment process are our key objectives. We are focused on transparently delivering a premier service which will exceed your expectations, cultivating a lasting relationship.


At StarStone we aim to deliver a customer-focused service which seeks to minimise disruption in the event of a claim.

StarStone’s ethos is to provide a claims service that is underpinned by professional staff who deliver a transparent, consistent outcome with upmost honesty and integrity. We employ knowledgeable, competent insurance experts who are tasked to deliver an efficient and responsive service leading to an early resolution and prompt payment for all valid claims.

Being part of the larger Enstar Group provides StarStone with global scale and reach that differentiates us from other insurers.

Cutting-edge claims management

StarStone uses Guidewire ClaimCenter®, a global claims management system that supports StarStone’s entire product suite. A key differentiator, Guidewire ClaimCenter® standardises the claims handling processes to deliver enhanced claims efficiency and improved speed and accuracy of claims payments for StarStone customers worldwide.



Guy Lether
Head of Claims
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Phil Harding

Technical Claims Manager
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Katie Dixon
Senior Claims Adjuster
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Peter Slack
Senior Claims Adjuster
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Terri Harris
Senior Claims Adjuster
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Lauren O’Malley

Technical Claims Manager
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Daniel Slammon

Claims Operations Manager
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Dawn Clark
Claims Operations Team Leader
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