Power & Utilities

StarStone’s Power & Utilities team is led by Ben Wilson, a practiced underwriter with 20+ years’ industry experience and a proven track-record of underwriting power generation and distribution risks.

“The power and utilities sector, more than most, needs specialist and experienced insurers who truly understand the unique risks and the regulatory scrutiny that clients face. At StarStone, our extensive industry experience meets this need and the in-depth data analysis that we carry out on every risk ensures our decisions are well informed and made with confidence.”

Ben Wilson, Head of Portfolio Management, Onshore Energy and Power

The StarStone Advantage

StarStone utilises an in-house team of power generation engineers that support every phase of the insurance transaction.

Together the team uses its industry experience to assess risk for clients engaged in all aspects of the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and renewable energy. By analysing and understanding the issues affecting the industry from regulatory, environmental and economic perspectives, the team deliver the broad coverage required to protect property and insureds against breakdown and business interruption.


Ben Wilson
Head of Portfolio Management,
Onshore Energy and Power
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Catherine Blake
Class Underwriter
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Matthew Bishop
Senior Underwriter
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Michael O’Neill
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Emanuel Fasunan
Underwriting Assistant
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