StarStone introduced a temporary ‘work from home’ Business Continuity Plan on Tuesday 17 MarchMany of our offices are now closed, but StarStone is very much open for business.

As well as protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees, we believe that this will best enable us to continue to offer our brokers and clients as close to our usual service as possible.

We look forward to continuing to trade, so please reach out to us via mobile and email. A list of our global underwriting contacts can be found here.


Most of our staff are now working from home offices, where our robust business continuity provisions are ensuring continued connectivity both internally and with our valued brokers and clients. Within our operations, we are taking all reasonable precautions to keep our people safe and well, including restricting business-related travel, and limiting the number of face-to-face meetings.

We’re closely monitoring the evolving situation in line with World Health Organisation advice and COVID-19 guidelines from the various Governments in the jurisdictions where we operate. As the situation continues to develop, we will be regularly updating our advice and strategies in line with our business continuity plans.


In these uncertain times, StarStone recognizes that our insureds may be experiencing difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. StarStone is adapting its procedures to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements arising out of the pandemic; we encourage you to contact your broker or us as outlined below regarding specific policies or issues.  

Payment of Premiums: StarStone understands that some of our policyholders may be facing fiscal challenges as a result of the pandemic. We stand ready to work with impacted policyholders to ensure continuity of coverage. For assistance regarding extension of premium payments for a specific policy, please contact us at

Policy Notices and Renewal Processing: StarStone is committed to working with insureds whose policies are expiring. Impacted policyholders may be able to extend their policies for 90 days at expiring terms and rates. Please have your broker contact us at to extend your policy.

StarStone has also launched a new COVID-19 Help Desk to assist policyholders impacted by the COVID-19 virus seeking premium payment or renewal relief. Please call 855.275.6041 for assistance.


If you are a travel or health/medical insurance policyholder with a policy underwritten by StarStone, we understand that you may have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. You may have concerns around whether your policy will respond. In the first instance, it is best for you to contact your broker or the party named on your policy as being responsible for handling claims. They will be able to provide detailed guidance on coverage and possible circumstances that may not be covered.


If you have any questions on our complaints handling process, please refer to your policy documentation, or alternatively you can contact us at